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Comprehensive consulting in the business world

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Labour Law

Labour law is characterized by a variety of legal challenges. A professional consultation is indispensable.

Contract Law

Beware of using sample contracts from the internet - contracts will need customizing to fullfill the purpose.

Distribution Law

The distribution of goods and services does not stop at borders.

Company Law

Companies are complex formations. It needs a careful and broad planning starting with the establishment until the sale of the company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The M&A transactions are complex. To make M&A transactions sucessfull a correct planning and implementation from the beginning you need support by professional advisers.

Trademark Law

Competitors want to be in a good position. The brand makes the difference. This includes consistent trademark protection.

Intellectual Property (Competition Law)

Do not put up with problems caused by competitors. Unfair activities can be effectively combated.

Dept Recovery

Due to decreasing payment attitudes, appropriate solutions are required.

Medical Liability Law

Doctors are not always inerrable. Patients are not always right.

The Law of Lawyers' Liability

Lawyers are liable for their actions. Not every lost case is based on a lawyer's mistake.

Construction Law and Building Contract Law

Every building needs a solid foundation. This refers in particular also to legal advice.

Real Estate Law

Real estate are investments for life. Contracts related to real estate need professional consultation.

Pharmaceutical- and Medical Products Law

Avoid undesirable side effects.

Aliens Law

The aliens law is subject to a constant change. We help to keep you up to date.

International Law (Swiss Law)

Working with international issues is part of our business.

Tort Law and Product Liability Law

Damage can occur quickly. Reprocess, enforcemant or defence from claims is complex and demands professional consultance.


Arbitration proceedings are part of the international business. Good to have a competent partner at your side.

Private Foundation Law

Private Foundations are complex institutions. In the area of private foundation law the most important partner for the founder is apart from tax advisers the Attorney at Law.