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Award for LAWCO: "Austria's Leading Professionals" ⓘ



  • Profound legal expertise
  • and continuing education

... are a matter of course for our team!

LAWCO. received the award as "Austria's Leading Professionals" in an analysis conducted by the ÖGVS Society for Consumer Studies GmbH in the areas of customer satisfaction, transparency, and responsiveness (10/2023). Out of a total of 6,371 analyzed professionals, including in the examined professional group of lawyers – all of whom were unaware of the study, giving it special significance – only 4.9% received this award. This recognition as Austria's Leading Professionals is a great honor and at the same time motivation for us to always give our best for our clients.

We can advise you in German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. We know and live the culture of our international clients and understand their specific market and industry. As a result, we can quickly identify any concerns and find goal-oriented solutions.

Internationally, we primarily focus on Swiss clients. We provide legal counsel to the Chamber of Commerce of Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and are accredited as experts at the SGE (Switzerland Global Enterprise). In addition, we support our clients from Ukraine in Austria.

We discuss the expected costs with our clients in detail in advance.

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Admitted to the Bar: 2003

Foreign languages: English

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Mag. Alexander Raimann, LL.M. graduated from the University of Graz in 1996. After his legal internship in the judicial district of the Graz Higher Regional Court, he studied European Law in Germany and received his Master of European Law in 1998. After working in Viennese and Graz law firms, he first joined our practice as a trainee lawyer in 2001 and later, in 2005, became a partner. His strengths are his persistence in addressing the concerns of our clients and his economically oriented solutions, which never lack creativity. Furthermore, our clients benefit from his extensive contacts, in particular in the economic sector.

Admitted to Bar: 2006

Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian

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Lic. iur. Michael Pérez, Swiss and Spanish national, completed his legal training in Switzerland and then worked for several years in Switzerland as a lawyer in the regions of Western Switzerland and Basel. In 2006, he received his license to practice law in Austria. Since then, he has been responsible in particular for our clients with bilateral ties with Switzerland and Austria, in line with the “one-stop shop” principle. His focus is on legal issues related to the settlement of businesses, as well as cross-border distribution and sales activities. Due to his role as member of the board and legal counsel at the Chamber of Commerce of Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein (, Lic. iur. Michael Pérez also has access to valuable contacts, especially in the areas of economy and trade in all three countries.

Admitted to Bar: 2021

Foreign languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, French

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Jakob Tschuprina studied law at the University of Vienna. He then completed his legal internship in the judicial district of the Vienna Higher Regional Court and passed the Austrian Bar Exam in Vienna. He then completed his doctorate with honors at the University of Vienna. By virtue of his family background, he is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and makes an important contribution to our practice, especially in the support of our international clients.

Retired since 30.9.2012

Foreign Languages: English, French

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Peter H. Prettenhofer comes from a Viennese family of lawyers. As early as the 1970s, he developed the firm he inherited from his father into a medium-sized law firm specializing in commercial law. His work focused on the automotive, pharmaceutical and real estate industries. At the end of 2012, Peter H. Prettenhofer retired.

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Comprehensive consulting in the business world

We freely share our knowledge, experience, and opinions with each other. This direct and open culture of communication and close collaboration enable us to provide efficient and creative support to our clients.

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General Terms and Conditions

Labour law is characterized by a variety of legal challenges. A professional consultation is indispensable.

Beware of using sample contracts from the internet - contracts will need customizing to fullfill the purpose.

The distribution of goods and services does not stop at borders.

Companies are complex formations. It needs a careful and broad planning starting with the establishment until the sale of the company.

The M&A transactions are complex. To make M&A transactions sucessfull a correct planning and implementation from the beginning you need support by professional advisers.

Competitors want to be in a good position. The brand makes the difference. This includes consistent trademark protection.

Do not put up with problems caused by competitors. Unfair activities can be effectively combated.

Due to decreasing payment attitudes, appropriate solutions are required.

Doctors are not always inerrable. Patients are not always right.

Lawyers are liable for their actions. Not every lost case is based on a lawyer's mistake.

Every building needs a solid foundation. This refers in particular also to legal advice.

Real estate are investments for life. Contracts related to real estate need professional consultation.

Avoid undesirable side effects.

The aliens law is subject to a constant change. We help to keep you up to date.

Working with international issues is part of our business.

Damage can occur quickly. Reprocess, enforcemant or defence from claims is complex and demands professional consultance.

Arbitration proceedings are part of the international business. Good to have a competent partner at your side.

Private Foundations are complex institutions. In the area of private foundation law the most important partner for the founder is apart from tax advisers the Attorney at Law.





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